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“An unexamined life is not
worth living.”


About The School

The Sussex School of Practical Philosophy was established in 1978 as a branch of the School of Economic Science a registered educational charity headquartered in London. The School has numerous branches in the UK and affiliated Schools worldwide.

The School is a centre for spiritual knowledge and practice and aims to help men and women lead fuller, richer and more useful lives based on natural laws and Advaita philosophy. Our courses in Practical Philosophy and Economics with Justice reflect these principles.

Practical Philosophy

While drawing on the philosophical traditions of the East and West, the School’s main point of reference is our contact with the living tradition of Advaita philosophy, a universal teaching literally meaning ‘not two’, in India.

Central to the teaching are the practices of raising Awareness, Mindfulness and Meditation.

Economics with Justice

The School takes the view that the study and practice of economics has to be founded on principles of justice and equity and that economic injustices indicate failures to understand or observe basic principles of economics.

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