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“What has destroyed every previous civilization has been the tendency to the unequal distribution of wealth and power.”

Henry George

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Economics with Justice
6 Week Course
Starts: 7.30 pm,
Tuesday 9 October 2018
Standard fee: £40
Full-time students: £20


The English Language Centre,
33 Palmeira Mansions, Salisbury Road,
Hove BN3 2GB.
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Economics with Justice Course

Can our economic arrangements produce a just and equitable outcome for all?
Can economics be directed towards stability and prosperity for all?

Economics-with-Justice is a fresh and innovative approach to economics.

Economic life is about relationships; our relationship with World at large, and our relationships with each other: How we organise the societies we live in, how we live together.

Previous experience of the subject is not necessary.

Here are some of the questions we explore:

  • Why is it that the rich seem to get richer and the poor get poorer?
  • Where does our money supply come from and who creates it?
  • How is wealth created and how may it be fairly distributed?
  • Why do some people earn many times what others earn?
  • Are markets natural, and may they be fair and free?
  • Can tax ever be fair?
  • Why is housing so expensive?
  • How may we all prosper, how may the true potential of every human being be realised?
  • How can economic injustice be reduced and economic freedom be established?

WE CHALLENGE many of the current assumptions, which have led to a limited and narrow view of the subject, and of human life itself.

The course will also demonstrate how freedom and prosperity for every living human being is possible through the discovery and practice of natural economic laws.

It is the natural companion to philosophy, for no one can live well without morals, ethics and consideration and co-operation with others. Taking a larger view, the same applies to societies and nations.

It is an urgent and engaging study; and a vital study for our time.

There is a three term Economics-with-Justice course, with each term being a complete course in itself.

For further information on these courses, contact Anthony Jones on 01273 207823.

Term 1
This 10 week course is sometimes offered in two 5 week blocks.

In the first 5 weeks, we outline basic principles relating to all the major areas of economic study. The view is that economics about human life and our relationships with World around us, and that how we perceive these relationships determines our Human World.

We explore how wealth is created and may be distributed justly. We look at how a free economy will provide inspiration and opportunity for everyone to prosper and flourish.

The resources of the universe are a common heritage, and need to be made accessible to all; their distribution and use determines how the highest possibilities of human life may be realised.

When justice, equity and natural law are applied in the field of economic activity, all human work naturally offers the prospect of planetary health and prosperity for everyone.

A further 5 sessions are available to look in further detail at various other aspects of the subject such as fair and free trade, banking, taxation, environment etc.

Term 2
The 10 sessions set modern economics in its historical context. By considering the progress of economic thought and practice it considers how the global economy and its attendant problems arose.

At the same time it offers a fresh economic analysis that emphasises the importance of nature as the source of wealth and of human society as the agent of distribution. It provides an alternative vision of a holistic attitude to economics.

Term 3
A further 9 sessions explores the implications of economics with justice with particular reference to the imperatives to economic growth, the problems of food production and distribution, economic sustainability and human development.

The course shows how principles of truth, love and service translate into policies for governments and economic planners, and into practical precepts for individual households and businesses.

Study Groups
Opportunities are also available for more detailed study and projects in various aspects of Economics with Justice

For further information on these courses, contact Anthony Jones on 01273 207823.

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