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Celebrating 40 years – Free all day event 22 Sept. 2018

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Philosophy and Love
11 weekly sessions
Starts: 7.30 p.m.,
Tuesday, 25 Sept 2018
Fee: £75 / £35 (full-time students)
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Free All Day Event
Saturday, 22 Sept. 2018

Economics with Justice
6 Week Course
Starts 7.30 pm,
Tuesday 9 October 2018
Fee: £40/£20 (full-time students)
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The English Language Centre,
33 Palmeira Mansions, Salisbury Road,
Hove BN3 2GB.
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Practical Philosophy Course

The course treats philosophy as a personal and practical attitude to life which gradually leads to a direct understanding of such universal philosophical questions as: Who am I? Where have I come from? What is my relationship with the universe? Throughout history philosophers all over the world have explored these issues to provide real and practical answers that work today.

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Economics with Justice Course

Does economics have anything to do with our daily life? Can economics produce a just and equitable outcome for all? Why does the economic world fail so catastrophically and so frequently? Can economics be directed towards stability and prosperity for all?

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home - meditation


Anyone can learn to meditate. Regular practice enables men and women to enjoy the great variety that life has to offer and provides strength to deal with any difficulties that arise.

Studies of traditional meditation techniques has shown that sustained practice develops self-awareness, social intuition, and attention-control; it also strengthens memory and improves decision making.

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